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mile per gallon of my Volvo 240 (1990) 200 1990

Hi, folks:

I've just tested my volvo 240 DL wagon today. The procedure is:

1. Drive the car till the fuel meter reachs the red zone (upper limit);

2. Re-fill the fuel tank fully.

3. Drive the car till the fuel meter reachs the red zone again.

The figure I got is:

The volume for re-filling is 11.8gal (not 15.8 gal as I read from the manuel), and the miles is 239 miles. So, the mpg is 239/11.8=20.25. Since I drove the car in the city where the speed limit is about 35-45 m/h, I think, the mpg is good. In the future, I will test drive it for highway mpg. Anyone has similar experience, please make your comment.

Though the mpg is good, I still wanna improve it for local driving. Do you have any good suggestion? Thanks!


New mile per gallon of my Volvo 240 (1990) [200][1990]
posted by  someone claiming to be Volvo 240  on Sun Dec 31 16:19 CST 2000 >

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