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Blown head gasket 200 85

I have an 85 240 with 220k miles. It has a blown head gasket for sure.

I purchased the car off the internet for a good price. The seller said it started right up but had no power. My brother picked the car up and tried to drive it home. It made it about 4 miles and quit running with a white puff of smoke. Upon inspection we found alot off foamy goo under the valve cover.

My question is, how can I tell what the condition of the lower end of the motor is without doing a compression test? Would it be worth a try to have the head inspected and repaired if necessary and replace the head gasket? Or should I find a used engine.

Your input would be appreciated. thanks in advance, Carl


New Blown head gasket [200][85]
posted by  someone claiming to be Carl Schwitzer  on Sat Dec 30 18:56 CST 2000 >

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