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89 240 DL Front strut still making clunking noise after shock replaced

Hello Again,

Replaced my shocks in the front struts. First time I'm ever dealt with the struts, not the easiest of jobs, I will say. The biggest pain was getting the strut top nut off once I had the strut unit on its side. The volvo strut pass thru 24 mm tool was great, but that Torx head on the old shock was not so forgiving. On the old ones, it somewhere between a T40 and T45 and on the first strut, I about stripped it out and had to port-a-band the shock once I compressed the spring.....somewhat dangerous, but it worked.

THe new shocks from Bilstein were honest T45 Torx heads so that made installation easier. I've read up on the eternal 15 ft-lb vs 115 ft-lb torque dilemna....and went with 20.

Here's where it gets clunky:

upon finishing installation and driving the car after, I could still here a clunk on the passenger's side from the wheel area. THought it was maybe the bearing or something, but upon taking the wheel and hub off that proved false as the bearing was fine.

Upon physically 'bouncing' both the struts from above, the drivers side was very much more resistant and made no sound while the passenger's side bounced a bit more, not a great deal, but also made a weird popping sound around the top nut. This one was torqued to 15-20 ft-lbs.

I have not taken it out yet, going to soon, but I'd jsut like to ask others if theres a possibility it could be the control arm?

There was always a clunk on the passenger's side when going over bumps and what not, that's why I replaced the front shocks.
I'm just wondering if perhaps its the control arm and its bushings causing this clunking...?

Either way, I will be taking it out and examining and seeing whats up with the shock and strut unit and probably torquing down to higher, around the 50 ft-lb mark.


New 89 240 DL Front strut still making clunking noise after shock replaced
posted by  stallison  on Tue Oct 8 15:15 CST 2019 >

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