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generator woes 444-544

My Duett's been laid up in one way or another since striking a deer (or vice versa) more than 2 years ago. All the big repairs are done but it's the little stuff that keeps getting bigger...

(B-18 engine) One of several issues I need to address is generator alignment. Though I haven't yet taken the old one out, I noticed that the pulley is way off alignment when I installed a new fan belt. Given what I've learned here, likely worn mounting holes on the generator ears.

So - I've bought what I need from Ron for an alternator conversion but haven't yet sourced the alternator.

In the meantime, I'm considering options. Less concerned about money than I am about time.

1) Buy new / rebuilt Bosch generator - are any available, anywhere?
2) Have old generator (original to car) rebuilt and bushings placed into mounting ears. - Any recommendations or caveats? The generator has been working just fine; I have a local machine shop that can undoubtedly restore mounting alignment.
3) Buy alternator to complete the conversion. There's way too much 'you could buy this one or that one' written about this. If going that route -
what's my best option (reliability and ease of use biggest priority).
Which exact unit, where from?

Many thanks.

'67 Duett


New generator woes [444-544]
posted by  longhorizon  on Tue Oct 1 19:19 CST 2019 >

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