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Hooked up battery wrong on 91 940T 900 1991

Today was probably the last day of summer. I thought that I'd get the old volvo out of the bushes. 1991 940 Turbo 4 door.

There were no color indicators on the battery wires. I went in and asked my dad, "is the one with the extra wires the ground?" He was entertaining people and he nodded yes, but didn't actually understand what my question was. I went out and connected them like that.

Something like the fan started running in the engine. The ground wire to the alternator started smoking. I didn't unplug it immediately. I went into the car to see where the key was. It was either in the off or accessory position, I can't remember. I took the key out. It kept smoking/ blowing and I realized I really screwed up. I unplugged it. The alternator ground coating was pretty melted.

The car starts and drives great. The SRS light did a weird flashy thing. The only dash symbols that come on are the high beams and seatbelt. The instruments work.

This is a list of things not working:

Power Windows
Heated Seats
Low Beams (Probably because I hit a deer last year)
Blinkers (I think these still worked after hitting the dear)

I'd like to know the possibility of what happened if the ignition was in the OFF or Accesory position because I can't remember which one it was. The list of things above sort of sound like the accessories to me. Could the ECM get hit in the Accesory position?

I'm trying to figure out if I can handle this. The only "Accesories" I really care about are the power windows. I'm also wondering if the Alternator should just be completely replaced.

I checked the corresponding fuses and they're good.


New Hooked up battery wrong on 91 940T [900][1991]
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