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Why no 'alternator failure' light? 900 1992

I went through a costly alternator failure recently. I had driven to a city that is about two hours drive from our home and the alternator failed, forcing us to have the car towed and repaired at a service station while we stayed overnight in a local hotel. Total cost was about a thousand dollars. The alternator itself cost six hundred.

I had been getting the orange flashing arrow from the computer and occasional flashes of the ABS warning light before we went on this short trip. I had been able to clear the arrow by running the gear shifter up and down several times and the ABS light went out on its own.

If I had been more 'psychic' to the car's symptoms I would have known that the battery was running down and was creating these false alarms. Instead of helping me find the source of the problem I was being misled into thinking the car had other problems.

The same thing happened to me with my summer car which is a 2000 Jaguar S type a few years ago. On that occasion I was able to call an old friend and get a ride home. So it is not just a Volvo issue.

There was nothing to indicate the battery was getting dangerously low on either car. They started well and ran properly right to the final moment. I am sure my 240 would have shown a slow starter motor and difficult starting if the alternator had failed and the battery was being exhausted.

With all the sensors around these cars I am surprised there is nothing to say directly to the driver that the battery is running down or that the alternator is failing to provide adequate charge. Or is there something wrong with a sensor somewhere?


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