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Good Brands of Main Fuel Pumps; Preventive Maintenance 200 1988


This may not address your concern directly, but it does relate to a different kind of preventive maintenance that you or others may find mildly interesting.

I live in a remote area of Northern Vermont where dogs run free. Many years ago I lost my main fuel pump near midnight in the middle of a 15 mile stretch of uninhabited gravel road. A Saturday night in January and no one was about, no cell service, and I walked at least 6 miles before a nurse picked me up on her way to an early shift and drove me home.

Replacing a fuel pump is not considered an easy roadside repair and this one had been in salt for many years so I expected it would be a nightmare

The only other car we had at the time was sitting with it's transmission out but I had removed it's fuel pump tray mot long before to replace a banjo. It seemed like the best plan was to pull it again, return to the scene and try to swap the entire assembly.

Using 3 wrenches and a screwdriver with my back in the snow, it took only 10 minutes before the car was running and we were headed for home and work on Monday morning.

Since that time I've kept a rebuilt tray loaded with a good used Bosch pump and filter connected together on a shelf in yy shop. It only involves the 3 mounting bolts and 2 hose connections to swap.It may be overkill where you live but my rebuild includes new stainless clamps and fasteners just because it makes me feel good.

It's a modest price for insurance against a tow and big bill for a mechanic to deal with seized parts when nearby and carrying it in a tight box on long trips could save days. At least I'll have a fighting chance if the fuel pump comes after me again.

Other preventative maintenance in salt service is to remove the 3 bolts that retain the tray to the body and put them back in with Neverseize. I also apply tar based brush on undercoating to the banjo fittings and pump to filter connector.

regards, Peter


New Good Brands of Main Fuel Pumps; Preventive Maintenance [200][1988]
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