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1987 244 Eats Ignition coils 200 1987

Hello and thanks in advance. I am on my 4th coil. The last one lasted four months. This is my third 244 and have never replaced a coil before. Any ideas why I keep burning them out?

Also is there a source to tell me based on the VIN what part numbers were on the original components of the car at build? I am the second owner of this California vehicle and want to make sure I have the correct ICU and ECU in the vehicle for the coil etc...

Further, is there a source that would tell me the resistances at all the pins of the engine and ignition harnesses?


New 1987 244 Eats Ignition coils [200][1987]
posted by  Harrison244  on Sat Sep 21 03:05 CST 2019 >

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