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Made in China Bosch Alt, Picture 900

Had to get the car running quickly for the boss's car, (the better half) fast for a beach trip. Hard to find a 940 in a junk yard anymore, not that I had the time to look and didn't know if it would work anyway.

Autozone: Ordered a new 100A one in the store. Smaller new and slightly different configuration. I had doubts after it was in my hand and called the tech support 1-800 number.

"Nooooo, that is an 80A for a Toyota. Order their 13072. Their website is wrong".

Had to get moving fast. Ordered online with 30 off $100+. Delivered in a week and found a reman Bosch, but not the ones two of the kids got that may have tested good but was not "re-manufactured" and didn't last.

Made in china, all new interior components and pulley and not sure how close it is the real Bosch alternator but the casting is Bosch or a good copy of the Bosch. About $140 plus tax W/$30 off with coupon if ordered online.

Of 3 940s, all have Denso alternators therefore I cannot compare. Is this identical to the Bosch?



New Made in China Bosch Alt, Picture [900]
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