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Recent purchase of a 1962 PV544! 444-544

Pretty excited to have purchased a new to me 1962 PV544. It's red and is in it's original paint! ALL trim, beauty rings, hub caps etc. are PRESENT! Body is near flawless with no dents or rust. Even the original seats are there under covers. This thing surprises me more every day. The motor turns over by hand and the tell tale signs of the point at which it probably was no longer used seems to be the air filters in the trunk, so I'm guessing the carbs were giving trouble. Last registered in 1984. I'll want to know the best place to source the best materials for a rebuild and where to find that data on these side drafts. I have no hesitation doing them myself and any and all the work on this car. The PV544 was one of the first cars I drove around as a 16 year old working at a gas station for my first job. I didn't want to be seen in that thing then and like many 16 year olds, drove the crap out of it wondering why I couldn't kill it. So here I am at 63 years appreciating it once again, more responsibly. I've had numerous Volvos, mostly 240's through a 940 and I love the brand. So the immediate question is, I have no keys, but clear numbers on the locks for the ignition and doors. It's not titled in my name as such so I wonder if the dealership is going to help me out. This will be a question I have for them as I laid my huge key ring on top of my truck a week ago with ALL my volvo keys and drove off. Never done that before. Waiting for the hurricane Dorian to hit screwed with everyone's mind. So, I have MANY keys which need to be made for a slew of 240's in my stable. Can keys be made from the lock itself?

So for the minute, what's the best method of getting keys made for the ignition, door and gas cap?

Second, is where do I point myself for the best information on those carbs for a rebuild which I'll do myself, and, where do I get one of those sycnronizers I've seen on youtube to sync up the carbs.

Finally, how do I tell if this is a SPORT model. The trunk is missing the volvo badge, but there are 4 hole which looks like it could have been for "volvo," and "sport." But I have no idea as to how else to tell and what the differences are between Sport and non-Sport.

Thanks guys! Appreciate the help.


New Recent purchase of a 1962 PV544! [444-544]
posted by  Abnormally Aspirated 945T  on Thu Sep 5 20:12 CST 2019 >

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