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Motor Oil Grade and Brand; Engine Flush 200 1988

Unless your red block has suffered some serious abuse in the past, I don't think you'll see much difference between any oil you put into it.

IMO, Aye Roll nailed it six years ago: need final answer from sage who knows- is 92 b230 a flat tappet engine

"All your B230 engine needs is oil and coolant. It really isn't that picky about brands, additives, grades, or specs.

It's going to live to 300K miles or more as long as you keep the fluids inside it.

It's going to live to 200K if you thoroughly neglect it. :)

Do the oil changes, address the leaks, use a name brand oil, and use a MANN/Volvo oil filter. That is all you need.

I've been taking apart these cars since they were new. I've owned almost 20 of them, all 86-93 cars. They do not have valvetrain issues. Period. Wear is not an issue. Running out of oil or coolant is an issue, and damage happens FAST.
Concentrate on making it as reliable as possible.


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New Motor Oil Grade and Brand; Engine Flush [200][1988]
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