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Another Brake Junction Box Leak 900 1994

I have had 3 of these Brake Junction Box Leaks leak over the past 15 or so years and my parts cars (2 940s and 1 740) are getting picked over. The 740 had a different ABS and Brake Junction box. I replaced one today and it leaks also. It looks like the top large nut is pressed in and the high pressure and corrosion is more than the main body and large nut can hold. The body and large nut are magnetic, I would guess cast and steel. I wonder if I could clean the junction up and braze the two together without burning out the threads and if there would be any internal damage? I assume there is nothing inside that the heat would hurt.
Here is a picture I submitted back in 2012 of the part (pretty sure it was me):

Does anyone have the part number for the Junction box (Spook?)?

Mine:3-940s running, 1-740, 2-940 parts, dtrs:4-940s running


New Another Brake Junction Box Leak [900][1994]
posted by  jd620  on Wed Aug 28 18:23 CST 2019 >

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