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Looking for a semi local repair dude 444-544

Minor back story.........My regular repair shop was ran by a couple old school Volvo dudes. Life happens, and then they retired earlier this year. The new owners have really cleaned the place up and is looking good.
So I decided it's time to have all the bushings and king pins replaced, then get some new tires. I called and asked for a ball park quote. The lady tells me that finding parts for the PV is like finding hens teeth.
Then she asks that I bring it in for an evaluation first thing Monday morning. I arrive by 9:30 and I asked where she looked for parts and she said IPD. OK, I've bought from them too, but for front end parts, I sourced VP and found them to have very good pricing. I found the Springs, King Pin Kit and Bushing Kit for about $450. I shared my knowledge of where to get parts with the shop as I like the previous owners and just trying to pay it forward. So I drop my car off and they called me 2.5 days later with the quote. $3,500 ! Holy Effing Cow!
Hold on gang, it really gets good now. I talk to Herman, the lead counter dude. He tries to butter me up by telling me how nice the car is and his mechanics love the Older Volvo's. He then tells me that the labor will be 7.5 hours..............per wheel !! I've never done a front end before, but with ya'alls knowledge to share, I could probably figure it out and do the work in 8-10 hours. Then, he proceeds to tell me the parts with be $1,900. WTF!! I just shared with them where to find the parts in the future, and I will supply the parts for this job! needless to say, I am picking up the car tomorrow and going to inform Herman he won't be doing the work.
SO, after all this, am I way off base, or is the shop?

I am looking for someone qualified to do the work in the greater SF Bay Area..............


New Looking for a semi local repair dude [444-544]
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