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244 Whacking sound on engine braking 200 1989

Well, as long as we're all just tossing out guesses, here's mine...based on a somewhat similar noise that I just fixed on my car.

I had a thwacking noise that would start up while engine braking. I went through all of the usual suspects (all suggested here). I checked the exhaust and hangers, looked for ways that the exhaust could bounce against various heat shields, replaced a motor mount (it needed that anyway), replaced transmission mounts (ditto), and looked for signs of various drive shaft (Ujoint, center bearing, etc.) issues. I found nothing that would change the occurrence of the noise. I became convinced that the problem was somehow related to the driveline changing geometry and banging somewhere under there depending on what forces were put on the system.

To make a long story short, I wound up replacing the torque rods (which as you know, hold the rear axle in a constant angle to the car/driveline)...and the sound is gone and doesn't reoccur. Looking at the rods I took off (which were pretty clearly the 44 year old originals and were distorted and had very shot bushings), I can now easily understand how a combination of engine braking, turning, and road surface could trigger enough movement to cause the driveshaft to start thwacking on the underbody. Somewhere under there.

It's just a guess, but if all else fails, you may want to check these things by grabbing onto one and seeing if there's any movement...and then likewise with the other. They're a cheap and easy fix if you can find someone who will sell you a pair with good bushings (or you have access to a machine shop that can press in new bushings). And at any rate, if your car is on its original rods and/or bushings, you'd benefit from changing these anyway.

Good luck and happy hunting!


New 244 Whacking sound on engine braking [200][1989]
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