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1990 240 N/A Bogging when put into gear and accelerating

Continuing saga:

I have gone from No-Start to running pretty good on the ramps...not so good on the ground.

Will start up, idle good and rev nicely manually (using throttle body) with just a slight hiccup if I rev/let-go, rev/let-go.

I have a nasty exhaust leak that makes the 240 really sound like a tractor, but I am not blowing any smoke out the back (white or black/blue).

Put the car in drive and give it some throttle and it will bog down. I can feather the gas and limp it along, but cannot give it much throttle at all before it will bog down and shut off.

No check engine light. (unless I unplug the AMM).

I have changed the Fuel Pressure Regulator, plugs, wires, AMM, Fuel Pump Relay, ECU to a 951, both fuel pumps, and fuel filter.

A new Idle Air Controller Motor should be here tomorrow.

Any ideas? Could a bad O2 sensor cause this? When cold or warmed up?

Thanks, in advance for the help.

Chris M. 1984 245 "Big Lucy''-SOLD 1986 245GL. 'Blueberry' '85 245 -SOLD 1992 240 Sedan 'SnowBall' - SOLD 1990 240 Sedan (current)


New 1990 240 N/A Bogging when put into gear and accelerating
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