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volvo 245 1988 brake light/tail light assembly 200 1988

Hi all,

Finally got my 240 back on the road after a long saga that turned out to be the first thing I checked (MAF). I cleaned a broken MAF and moved on to a laundry list of other things.

Anyways, my rear left brake light is out and I am looking for some clarification. I have spent all day reading about switching the wires with the fog lights and Estonian aftermarkets etc.

I found a thread on here offering a definitive guide to tail lights; however, I don't see much clarity on there. https://www.brickboard.com/RWD/index.htm?id=1427308&show_all=1

Seems like I can get an OE from Tasca, but only for the left side (I think if I replace one assembly I am going to want to replace both. Another option is Sweedish auto parts (https://www.swedishautoparts.com/240/Volvo-240-lights-&-lenses.html), but I have no idea where the two tail lamp assemblies they are offering are from or how good (or bad) they are. Same thing goes for sweedish car parts (https://www.swedishcarparts.com/parts/925-1372442-c-volvo-wagon-245-240-complete-tail-light-assembly-right-side-passenger-side).

I am pretty much at a loss for what to do. I just got the car running pretty good, and I don't mind putting some money into getting the brake lights looking good (and legal), but I cannot seem to find out what I am paying for anywhere. Not only do I not have reviews, but I don't even have a manufacturer associated with most of these sites.

Please let me know any tips for what I should do. Open to all ideas. Should I but an aftermarket assembly and OE sockets? etc. Should I buy bulbs when I buy the assemblies?

While I was at it, I was figuring I would add the third brake light, which currently is just a wire. I found the lend and housing on tasca (https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/volvo-lens-and-housing-1369743/?c=bT0xJmc9ZWxlY3RyaWNhbCZzPWhpZ2gtbW91bnQtbGFtcHMmaT05NzQxNjU0JnI9MSZhPXZvbHZvJm89MjQ1Jnk9MTk4OCZ0PWRsJmU9Mi0zbC1sNC1nYXM%3D) and the bulb on sweedish auto parts. Anyone know where I can find the socket for that bulb?


New volvo 245 1988 brake light/tail light assembly [200][1988]
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