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2.2 runs fine until engine gets hot 200 1988

Hi Dave,

I agree with your assessment of the issue.
It sounds like the engine is running too lean during the warm up stage and higher temps.
I think we both are ignoring the AMM idea or connector possibility, as that, would make it too easy.
I only bring that up because he said he limped it home, yet, it ran fine with the heater core in the mix!
AMMs don’t usually work that way.

The ECT Sensor may not be in sync with the engines heat range or there is a condition being thrown into the engine beyond the fuel systems control.
My thinking points me to the intake manifold gasket leaking.

The leaking or the sensor would leave the engine lean and it would exhibit low power symptoms.
Since the engine dies and runs terrible on it way up to a “hot days work” both are definitely suspect.

If it were me, I would pull back the intake manifold to give me access to both, especially the connector pins to check for corrosion.
If it has a tattered and crumbling gasket, that would be enough to let me yell, uncle!
Take a measurement of the sensors ohms and compare it to another one, in my stash, at the same temperature.
One can use the chart in the Bentley to see if it’s even close.

Since he says the car has been neglected, doing all of the above is good idea to get them inspected.

Winter is coming and if things are lean now, at one extreme, it’s only going to go the other way.

Coughing on a cold morning is not the time to be bent under a hood, shoving in the ole’ starting fluid. :))))



New 2.2 runs fine until engine gets hot [200][1988]
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