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2.2 runs fine until engine gets hot 200 1988

My newly rescued, poorly maintained 1988 240 5 speed has a problem I can not diagnose.
Starts easily.Idles a little rough. Runs well with the exception of it bogs a little off idle.
Twice now, when the engine gets a little hot, it runs terribly. Yesterday, in 100 degree weather in stop go freeway traffic with AC running ( no condensor fan ), it died. Restarted, but was running terribly, and backfired once. I managed to limp 1 mile to a shady parking lot where it died and would not start. I lifted the hood, and let it cool for 10 minutes. Started right up. I turned the AC off, the heater on, rolled down the windows and drove home. It ran just fine.
The car normally runs with the temp gauge at 40%.It was at 60% when this issue came up.
Things I have already done; In tank pump, fuel filter, cleaned throttle body, plugs, cap, rotor, timing belt, new water pump seals, checked for vac leaks,
air filter, plug wires. Added a missing engine ground.


New 2.2 runs fine until engine gets hot [200][1988]
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