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Front Seat Spring Anchors 200 1993

Brickboard Members,

I am replacing the foam and grid on my drivers seat and I have a few questions:

-First, I am missing one of the anchors to which the seat springs mount. The anchors are small little pieces of steel in a sort of "T" shape with the hole in the bottom of the "T" for the spring. I'm not sure these exist in all model years - I don't think my 1988 has them. But this one does.

Does anyone know of a source for these anchors?

-second, I bought a bum warmer from Swedish Car Parts:


Has anyone installed one of these? It looks to be larger than the size of the seat. Am I supposed to cut it off and only use part of it?

-third, the old seat cushion has a piece of fabric between the foam and the cover - thin, white, poly of some sort. Any recommendation for what to use here?

-finally (and this is more curiosity than anything), my old seat cushion has a distinctive round hole in the rear of the foam. I thought this was a defect, but it appears to be original and is in the passenger seat as well. What is this?

Thanks all,



New Front Seat Spring Anchors [200][1993]
posted by  Michael G  on Sun Aug 18 11:59 CST 2019 >

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