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Picked up a 1990 240 sedan with 152K miles. Has sat for a little over 2 years.

Why it sat story: Car was bought at an auction by a small local dealer. Dealer drove it for 6 months as his daily for errands and such. Ran great according to the dealer (and a couple friends of mine that can verify). He decided to put it on the lot for sale. 2 days later a guy test drove it and agreed to a price. Went to bank to get money....dealer tried to start the car to move it to wash it off and it would not crank.

Hasnt started up since. Over 2 years.

I picked up the car as its straight, 75% good paint, and the interior is mint.

The lot mechanic did some "diagnostic" work....swapped high pressure fuel pump, ran a power wire from the fuse strip to bypass the fuel pump relay to no avail.

What I have done...

Check for broken timing belt: Cam shaft is rotating.
Compression: Do not have a compression gauge...but I can getting exhaust crumbles blowing out the back as I crank....but plan to check compression with gauge.

Check for Fuel: Both fuel pumps run and there is fuel being moved to the fuel rail (tank was essentially empty and I put in 5 gallons). Currently jumping the power from the red wire to the red/yellow wire at the fuel pump relay to get power to the fuel pumps.

Check for Spark: No spark. Checked 25amp fuse...good...checked with meter...no pass through of voltage. Replaced 25 amp fuse/holder with a new inline fuse.
NOW have spark.

Have spark and fuel...will not crank.

Disconnected the MAF...no change in behavior.

Any further ideas? I do not have a Bentley...and I cannot find my old Chilton and Haynes books from my previous 240's...so I've been working from memory...and google searches.


Chris M. 1986 245GL. "Blueberry" '85 245 w/ 414,765+ miles. ***SOLD***


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