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244 Whacking sound on engine braking 200 1989

Really sounds like thinner metal, like a cracked aluminum heat shield above the cat. On some exhaust systems there's a welded collar at the base of the down pipe that can also break loose. Otherwise I agree with others about a broken/loose exhaust bracket.

Another thing to check for is a loose cross member, although that usually causes thunking, not vibrations, but can allow others things to get too close together. While you're under there checking the heat shield and shoving the driveshaft and exhaust system around to see if you can get metal to touch metal, do try tightening the cross member bolts as well as the trans mount bolts since the weight of the trans often makes it difficult to detect unless you can get it up on a hoist and get a pry bar in at assorted angles.

And welcome aboard. We rarely get anybody posting youtube videos of problems, terrific of you to go to that effort and make it a bit easier for us to make guesses based on our experience.
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New 244 Whacking sound on engine braking [200][1989]
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