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New brakes frozen,no acceleration 700 1988

I have had the brakes done on my 740 turbo wagon TWICE in the last year (pads and rotors) and they feel like they are frozen. The car has to fight to accelerate, and today on the freeway it got harder and harder to maintain speed; eventually I could only go 30mph and that was with the engine really screaming. I smelled burning; all 4 wheels were really hot. I went to a shady place to cool off (me and my car) and decided that maybe cooling them off with water would either damage them beyond repair or get me back on the highway. I went to a carwash, and it did the trick! Now I have to figure out if my mechanic messed up,and get him to replace them AGAIN, or go to a new guy and take the $$ loss. Any suggestions, especially theories on what went wrong? I do love my Volvo...


New New brakes frozen,no acceleration [700][1988]
posted by  swedishcar  on Mon Aug 5 05:23 CST 2019 >

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