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Leaking water pump 200 1988

I have acquired a 1988 5 speed 240 that was badly neglected by the previous owner. I fixed some things that required it, and am now confronted with a new issue. I suspected the timing was off. ( It wasnt. ), but I changed the belt on principle. While doing that, I noticed A LOT of corrosion on the water pump and the hose connection. Thought I would change it on principle also. I had a difficult time removing it as it was corroded in place. It had a pump of unknown origin so I put a used but functional Hepu pump on, no gasket sealer. Leaked like a sieve when I filled the radiator. Cussed a while, removed fan, belts etc., applied gasket sealer, re installed. Leaked just as bad. Removed pump, put new gasket, ( thicker one ), sealer, and instead, installed a used but functional Volvo pump. LEAKED LIKE A SIEVE. I am beginning to wonder if PO had this issue and put some liquid sealer of some kind in the radiator. This is the 7th. or eight pump I have put on a 240, never had a problem before. I tightened the bolts until I feared they would strip.

Has anyone ever had an issue with pump installation leak??? I am stumped.


New Leaking water pump [200][1988]
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