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You tested the coil with your multimeter? 200 1988

You can check for OHMs resistance between the + VDC and - VDC spade term and also the secondary winding between the ignition coil contact and the ??? Though moving and engine run vibration may reveal an intermittent issue.

I forget the Ohms values. So far as I recall it is 1991 240 model year with the sometimes faulty coil.

++++1 for Dan Pageda and a used coil from normally aspired (Non-Turbo) redblock four cylinder 240, 740, 940 using the Chrysler - MPG ignition. The ignition coils are Bosch.

May want to grab a few spare ignition power stages (mounted to the inner fender obscured by the battery a bit). Check grounds and fuses throughout like at the alternator to the block and so forth. Also, ensure a firm fit of the in-distributor impulse (hall-effect) sender connector as this connector can get frail.

That ignition power stage connector is near battery vent vapors and if the connector seal is faulty can get wet and form corrosion. Inspect the connectors for pushed in pins.

How old is the battery? Driven many miles or no? If more than say 3-5 years, the battery electrolyte dessicates as water evaporates and vents from the battery. Some real distilled water, about 1$ from Wally Goofy Mart World per gallon jug, can help restore the battery to much newer charge and discharge performance. Not too much water. And in some batteries, like the so-called sealed non-servicable, if you can remove caps and peer down into the electrolyte, the lead plates may be well covered, yet the electrolyte bereft of adequate water. If you have vent tubes the electrolyrte may bubble out some water so give the area a good rinse with fresh cold (not the distilled water, save that for coolant mix or ???) to rinse away the vented electrolyte.

I was able to do this with my 1990 240 DL Wagon with a 7-year owld Wally World battery and at least a 12 year old battery in my 1992 240 GL. After a few runs the batteries charged, the horns are loud again, the headlights brighter. And I'll guess the spark plug spark is a bright and deep blue.

What does the spark look like? Run the engin in the dark and see parks from the ignition wires?

Hope that halps.
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New Bosch ignition coils for '88 244 out of production as of 2014. [200][1988]
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