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stalling issues - poor idle adjustment? 200 1988

Hi all,

I have been dealing with some stalling issues. The symptoms right now are that it stalls if I put it into drive AND if I push the gas down too quickly (when in neutral). Earlier today, I got around to cleaning out the throttle body and replacing the gasket. I haven't adjusted the idle, as I do not have all the tools I need yet.

When I was cleaning the throttle body (it was very very dirty and the old gasket was in pieces), I noticed that one of the side screws was missing on this thing:


Is that going to cause me problems? Anyone know what to do in terms of replacing that?

Things I have done so far:
-replace spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, cables.
-clean IAC.
-clean throttle body and replace gasket.
-replace air intake hose.
-clean MAF.
-replaced fuses.
-replaced fuel pump relay.

Bonus Q: I noticed that the trim below the doors is gone on the right side. Is my best bet just going to a junkyard?

Thank you all very much so far!


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posted by  bent  on Fri Jul 26 23:16 CST 2019 >

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