RWD - Sunroof leak (I rebuilt all but the pan, pan has a hole)

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Sunroof leak (I rebuilt all but the pan, pan has a hole) 900

More photos and videos in this album... https://imgur.com/a/S2NOwn1

Sunroof on my new-to-me 940 had a broken arm on one side. Found a replacement at a yard and pulled the whole sunroof + pan.


Over the course of a beautiful Sunday, I missed valuable time with my children to replace the sunroof components. By the afternoon, things were cleaned, the replacement parts were in and lubed, the sunroof was adjusted for height and working pretty well. One minor issue with the default 'start' and 'stop' points (not sure how else to describe this) from the motor not being correct.

Then, the water test.

One drip. Drip. Drip.


Open it up to see where it's coming in. There's damage to the sunroof pan from some piece that had broken off - a screw or something.


My understanding is that some water is allowable to pass by the seal (by sunroof seal is OK, separating a bit. I have a backup from the one I pulled to put on but I'd rather not until absolutely necessary). The water that passes by goes into the pan and drains away - I have confirmed all four drains are clear.

Now before I just fix up the hole - this hole is on the inside of the pan - should water even be getting to this spot in the first place?

Any other experience or suggestions?

I do not want to remove my headliner and replace the entire pan. The damage I'd likely cause would be worse than a water leak.


New Sunroof leak (I rebuilt all but the pan, pan has a hole) [900]
posted by  greenvolvo  on Wed Jul 24 20:21 CST 2019 >

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