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I have a 240 Volvo.
The head gasket is suspect as I've seen some white smoke at exhaust. Oil/water not mixed as seen on dip stick. I've done a few other test all showing no head gasket issues but want to be sure.

I rented a Cooling System Pressure Kit from local parts store.
The Volvo has a black cap 75kPa or ~11psi.

What is the maximum pressure the system can be pressurized to without inducing issues? ie blowing a hose or cooling gasket, etc...

I pumped the pressure up to 11psi and it is holding for 1 - 1.5 hrs no drop. I am tempted to go to 20 psi and test but don't wanted to cause leaks from over pressuring a system rate for 75kPa.

Any guidance would be great appreciated.


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posted by  240s  on Thu Jul 18 16:40 CST 2019 >

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