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Regina/REX ecu pinout information, and general tuning advice 900 1993

Hello brickers,

I just got a 1993 944 n/a with the much-maligned Regina/REX ignition system. I plan on turbo-ing this car later, but the most common route is to swap for turbo ECUs (in the case of lh2.4) - this means that I will need to go standalone. I'd rather not spend the time to swap to lh2.4 because both systems are outdated and lack precision.

I plan on writing my own ECU - because I'm a college student and I don't have much money to blow on micro/megasquirt.

I'm looking for:
- Regina ECU pinouts, so I can make an adapter harness to my project
- General information on the sensor signals and voltages, i.e.:
- peak-to-peak voltage of fuel injector pwm signals
- duty cycle specifications
- MAP (for regina), MAF (for bosch), CPS, TPM, other sensor output ranges
- Boundary condition tuning
- MAP/MAF "limp home" modes (base tables)

If anyone has documentation or resources to study tuning theory I would greatly appreciate them.


New Regina/REX ecu pinout information, and general tuning advice [900][1993]
posted by  nullspacebasis  on Sun Jul 14 15:04 CST 2019 >

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