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sun visor swap 900 1994

The driver's side sun visor in this car failed. It would only stay in a horizontal position; it would spring back to this position when attempting to put it up or down.

The FAQ's


indicated that they were not interchangeable across all model years, but did not suggest what year the change came about.

I have a 1990 parts car that I pulled the sun visor from and it was the same design at the attachment point as the 1994. The 1990 did not have the vanity mirror, but we never used ours anyway. I cut the wires and taped them off.

As an educated guess I would say the 1990 through at least 1994 are interchangeable..

Any twenty minute job is just a broken bolt away from a three day ordeal


New sun visor swap [900][1994]
posted by  rstarkie  on Sat Jun 29 07:47 CST 2019 >

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