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1990 240 new pads, rotors but no pedal at all 200 1990

"Is it possible that I damaged the new master cylinder by doing that?"
Not likely. Under gentle steady pressure the pedal will slowly sink to the floor if fluid is getting by the MC seals.

The brake failure light comes on when there's a pressure imbalance between the duo diagonal system. Eg. air in one side being compressed.

The problem sounds like air in the system. You weren't able to use your pressure bleeder because its cap won't fit the reservoir, so you used the "depress pedal" method.

I built my own pressure bleeder with a spare reservoir cap, tire valve and bike pump. Basically drill hole in cap and insert valve. For pressure bleeding fill reservoir, install cap, attach bike pump and give a pump or two. Go over to the bleeder, open it, watch fluid/air come out, close bleeder. Repeat for other bleeders. Check reservoir and top up as necessary (don't let it empty).
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New 1990 240 new pads, rotors but no pedal at all [200][1990]
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