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engine wiring harness or convert to carburetor.I n 200

I need an engine wiring harness for my 1984 240 GL wagon. The original one has finally biodegraded into several molten blobs. Ideally, I would like to find someone here who is experienced and willing to make-up a new harness for my car. If it turns out that there's no harnes in the offing, then the Canadian manifold, stromberg carb, and ancillary parts can be installed on my efi engine along with a non-electronic distributor. Anyone up for either of these projects - they are both beyond my ken. Thanks, Joe

PS I'm an old member but lapsed and very unused to this new site. About fifteen years ago a Canadian gentleman collected the necessary equipment to install a carburetor on my car. I still have it. Thank you again, Pierre.


New engine wiring harness or convert to carburetor.I n [200]
posted by  foxfour  on Thu Jun 20 07:17 CST 2019 >

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