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Votes for 700/900/SV90 options? 900 1995

Now that we've had a chance to look at that miriad collection of Genuine Volvo available options and accessories, I'm now entertaining votes here for some of the more noteworthy ones, such as:

o The most useful accessory you wish you could still get for your car?

o The most interesting Genuine Volvo accessory you might hope to trip over at a swap meet?

o The stupidist or most useless option or accessory that Volvo offered, as in the option or accessory that Volvo likely never, ever sold?

I'll start the ball rolling with the Genuine Volvo Toilet Bag (large) on page 2.51 as probably one of the least likely accessories I'd have purchased, but one that I might be interested in having now -as I get older, there seems to be an increasing need to use the toilet when I'm on long highway trips and it would seemingly save a lot of time not having to find a spot to pull over.

I'm actually mildly surprised with how many Genuine Volvo options and accessories I actually do have courtesy of various POs and my own finds, including wagon cargo (dog) gate, wagon cargo blind, floor carpet pads, floor/cargo trays, sunroof wind deflector, locking gas caps, locking wheel nuts, armrest coffee cup holder, mud flaps and likely a few others I've forgotten about at the moment. Although interesting, I'm not sure how much use of a coin holder I'd make what with automated road/bridge tolls and that I mostly pay for parking with debit/credit cards -I'm sure it would just end up with assorted small junk items and dog biscuits like in the back of the storage shelf and glove box.

As an aside, one of the more interesting accessories a brother of mine scored is a Genuine Volvo gas can molded to fit into the curved rear storage wells of the 140s and 240s. It was apparently semi-popular in Australia where there are often greater distances between petrol stations, such as in the Outback. That led to all the Australian market 740 sedans later getting an integral 22 litre (5.8 US Gal) auxiliary gas tank under the rear shelf in addition to the standard 60 litre (16 US Gal) tank. The later 940s everywhere got a larger 75 litre tank, while the IRS 760s/960s could fit an 80 litre tank above the rear axles.
Dave -still with 940's, prev 740/240/140/120 You'd think I'd have learned by now


New Fun base 940 options comparison [900][1995]
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