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1994 940t power seat curiosity 900 1994

Hi - my power seat is not functioning properly going forwards and backwards.

Here is a video of the behavior: https://streamable.com/fu227

The story:

I got a power seat at the junk yard and took it home. I was glad to see most functions worked, but the seat moved forwards and backwards slowly. It also would go forward, stop. Then if I released the button and pushed it forwards it would slowly inch again then stop.

I first thought something was stuck in the rails, so I cleaned them out. Mostly grease, some hair, wrappers.

While I was there, I brushed some rust off the front rails and used a rust converter on them. Don't be misled, the rust area was very small, 1.25x1.5 inches. The rest of the seat is in good condition.

Then, I lubricated the rails with silicon spray. Put it back in the car, hooked up power... the seat did the same thing.

I took out the seat, removed the switch control unit and opened it up. Things looked ok. I cleaned the switches with some CRC electronic cleaner and put the seat back in the car with the pcb board exposed so I could troubleshoot in the car.

Functionality had not been restored.

I'm readying the next action. Two clues

1. From my tests I noticed if I messed around with the memory buttons the behavior changed. Perhaps this was anecdotal. Each memory button worked and returned the seat to the proper position. Forwards and backwards movement behavior remained consistent, in that if I pressed the memory button again it would inch forwards / backwards a bit.

2. The seat seems to operate better going backwards than forwards.

From what I have read these are probable causes:

1. Cable is not short enough anymore - would this indicate more of an on / off issue?
2. Motor is... weak? Going bad? Not sure how these fail.

When I press the switch I can feel the motor activate and the cable to the drive(?) on the rail move/tighten/twitch.

Here is a video of the behavior: https://streamable.com/fu227


New 1994 940t power seat curiosity [900][1994]
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