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240 Moonroof Seal or Gasket Piping 200

Short question:

What do you use for the 240 moonroof seal, what may be named a gasket. What do you use as a successful adhesive.

Yes, I imagine without factory quality parts and materials enduring success is a mythos.

Sunroof is glass and lets sunlight in. Moonroof is a panel usually made of body panel material like sheet steel on 240 with finish. So far as seek definition.

Found the install instruction as a scanned PDF for the front section 1255335:


The website is utterly precious. The instruction makes no mention of the adhesive type, or PN, or manufacturer. I doubt GOOP RV resist or the various tubes of 3M adhesive in sealed ziplock baggies will work as well as they did not the first go around. I used the goop to re-adhere the piping.

Problem Statement:

The front replacement piping (PN 1255335, supersedes 681110 seal with the metal frame within), as named now, is NLA.

Also NLA is the rear piping (PN 3540456, supersedes 1255334, the earlier piping, and 681090 with the metal frame seal that came from the factory).

Factory seal is fine on the 1991.

The piping is a terrible quality when replacing the chewed up factory with metal strip therein on the 1992 240 GL. The flocking is not dense and the material structure felt cheap. Inside is a run of some not very dense small diameter light blue vinyl or neoprene or silicon to give compliance. Though the moonroof edge is smooth, the flocking does not allow an easy slide as it appears to have pull.

I was able to glue it again in using perhaps not ideal GOOP UV resist RV or Marine sealant. Yet UV exposure appears to have caused deterioration of the flocking matter on the top side, out pops the round blue strip, seal is lost, the midwestern precipitation unrelents, flow downhill, and drip on the front passenger seat. The four drains at the pan corner are clear yet as the poor thing parks outdoors to rot in the midwestern environment.

Links for Replacement Parts and Materials

Amazon and J C Whitney offer up something similar and of a similar appearing profile to the piping. Yet the images are terrible and dimension information is usually missing.

JC Whitney "Sunroof Weatherstrip Seal"


Front Frame Seal - Tasca Volvo Parts (3540456) NLA


Rear Slide Panel Seal - Volvo (1255335)


iPd USA has it as OEM, so it says, for 45$

114363 - Genuine Volvo - Rear Sunroof Seal (Piping) - 1255335


FCP Euro has nothing.

So what y'all suggest, please.


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New 240 Moonroof Seal or Gasket Piping [200]
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