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Condensation dripping from refrigerant line inside cabin 200 1993

Thanks for the great response and info machine man.
The car still has the drain line hose from the evap which has a duck bill (of sorts), and a plastic insert inside the drain hose with a 1/8 hole drilled in it - are you saying that should be upgraded?

Also - on the insulation - I'm looking at Nu-Calgon Foam-Tite Insulation Tape, sku 4219-12, about $10 for a 30 ft x 2" roll - is that the product?
Description from the web site:
Foam-Tite Insulation Foam Tape is formulated from the highest quality closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation material. It can be used on all sizes of tubing and pipes, including iron pipe, steel and copper, as well as tees, valves and fittings. It can be used on cold water pipes, chilled water and refrigerant lines to prevent sweating and condensation.
If so I'll get a roll and redo that soggy mess!

Yes Chris - it's on recirc most of the time. Also that spray foam would make a huge mess (at least if I tried using it).


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