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I totally agree. I'm sort of at a crossroads as I own a few Volvos from different eras, but I'd like to thin down the herd. I recently acquired the 944 with the intention of fixing it up and giving it to my mom, but I may give her my '11 XC70 instead (which now has 80k miles, and has been a tremendous car - bought it with 55k). Then I'd have the pair of 940s, my '96 855T (converted to manual), and my 1800.

The 945 has the perfect mix of creature comforts: working AC, heated seats, cruise, power seat, working tape player (I still have plenty of tapes), etc.

In New England though, you don't see many clean, low mileage 940s. Fortunately both of mine have 129k on them. The wagon is not rusty, but the sedan has a few odd spots (like above the windshield).

I do wish the 940s were turbos though. On a recent trip to Montreal with my girlfriend, the 945 struggled in the mountains of VT with 600lbs of music equipment and the AC on.


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