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Exciter wire voltages 900 1992

Dear Phil, firstly, huge thanks for such detailed explanation. I really appreciate it. Yes, I am very curious person, always asking "why" or "what if" questions. I don't care for status quo. When I measured exciter wire voltage I did it with wire connected to the alternator, not disconnected. It appeared odd that voltage on it would be so high with engine running. I expected high voltage to be on battery feeding connector, but that isn't the case. Like the two connectors are reversed on alternator side, but they obviously are not, as they are physically different and impossible to swap.
I essentially have new alternator (bench tested good) that isn't outputting enough voltage. Ground connections have all been tested, cleaned, tightened and retested.
I cleaned and tested all the fuses. I also cleaned and tightened battery terminals. Battery is good, it holds the charge well. There is no power loss over days of not running. But the alternator only puts out around 13 volts at idle with accessories turned off. If I turn on the lights and fan, voltage drops below 12 volts. Alternator can not keep up. The battery icon light bulb on instrument panel is not burnt.


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