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I agree and second emotional thought!

That Volvo could have been a $50,000 Cadillac or a $90,000 Tesla in that intersection!

Yep, bad drivers come in all flavors but this was test driving a Dodge “RAM” truck! That should have been a HINT in itself! I bet it was in between those prices above, easily!

Just because it was a lonely, meager and mid-aged Volvo, that just got in his way, doesn’t mean that anybody, especially a insurance companies of both parties, can discount the car for a lesser value than the other cars on the road. Amazingly no injuries too boot!

It was doing the same job, as all of the above cars, for its owner! That’s something to be said here and it was owned out right!
In today’s or any other past economy, it means just as much as a super unstoppable credit line, for dotted line signing idiots! Where was the salesman holding that guys license and proof of insurance, on his other vehicle? The dealer is not going to eat this meal sitting down, I bet!

Insurance companies should realize not only the worth of Kourt99’s car but what is worth not to have go down that road of indebtedness and huge, off the lot, depreciation losses, twice!

Pay up for us to be there, ... you bunch corporate whinnies!
Figure the odds on how much you just saved and be more than skin flints, be more fair to us classic drivers! 310,000 miles are a lot of intersections that means good drivers were in there, at sometime!
Insurance owned Blue Books references are a bunch of hog wash anyway!
No columns for real time applications of “true care of” or restoration levels!

There is a love to appreciated being shown here. It’s exhibited from people adoring these reliable and easy to maintain, tough cars! Resale values are climbing up!
This wagon looked really nice and is hard to find this well maintained.
To me that is up in $$$$-$$$$$ to have and would have been more with even more age!
Now a decent down payment is needed or credit is needed, to be added, to get into any decent replacement vehicle.
This is besides the inconvenience caused by the accident! Family schedules and budgets get strained from all of this carelessness!
Wagons are work horses for many of us because they come without the bulk of a Ram’s horn insignia with plastic “pop-a-foam parts!”

Can you tell I’m irritated at these transactions or transgressions!
Or maybe I should be a defense lawyer! (:-)(-:)



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