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PCV Oil trap 900 1997

Hi all,

After 22 years I removed the oil trap just to see if it needed any cleaning... guess what, it did not. :)

However, I have a question for you:

When I have removed the oil trap, there was black sealing material between the bottom of the oil trap and the crankcase.
I am not talking about the green O-ring, it was all over the touching surface of the oil trap with the crankcase.
It is elastic and very difficult to remove with any solvent, similar to dry silicon.

What is that material?
It is factory stuff as I never touched the oil trap before, which means if it was there, has a purpose.

What can I use to replace it?

Thank you,


New PCV Oil trap [900][1997]
posted by  Metallo  on Mon Jun 3 18:48 CST 2019 >

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