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1984 242 turbo volvo

Greetings, I purchased in 1984 a 242 intercooled turbo. Until 3 days ago it was as perfect as any on earth. I live in Maine, no winters. I recently gave her to my Grand daughter for a graduation present, and boy did she earn it. The volvo is her pride and joy, she even learned to drive with it, no hydromatic for her, ever. She moved to L.A about a year ago, which was her first cross country drive, in her 34 year old pride and joy, with Maine license NOETA (no estimated time of arrival).FOUR DAYS AGO AN ILLEGAL, UNLICENSED,UNINSURED(?) ALIEN SLAIMED INTO HER,SHE WAS STOPPED,AND PUSHED HER INTO THE CAR IN FRONT DOING CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE TO HER VOLVO.I called IPD for possibility of local knowledge in L. A. and they graciously gave me your name. My hope is the recommendation of really first class body shop. I must save this, she is part of our family. photos available. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I'll give Maddy's info and she has the pictures. Standing bye and much obliged. Tony Correa 207 644 8191 cel 207 522 9279


New 1984 242 turbo volvo
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