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Rear Spring fitment and radio 900 1993

Last week as a special treat for my 2litre turbo manual Volvo estate I installed some new rear springs as they were getting a bit tired and a couple of small pieces had broken off over time.

A good friend helped me to do it and we did it with the wheels and dampers still attached by just using some short spring compressors and supporting the diff with the vehicle on axle stands at the jacking points.

The retaining bolt studs at the top came out as the nuts were pretty rusted on.

All very painless and done in about an hour and half. Not so getting the stock radio out just now which had a slightly bent clip. I am still calming down 2 hours later after a 2 hour job not including the half hour walk I had to go on to calm down half way through.

Sometimes the simpler the job appears the harder it is . . . and vice versa.

However I still think its a fantastic car and with the radio fitting FAQ how could I go wrong?

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