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"I recall a post wherein it was reported that a caliper bleeder screw of the wrong length had been used on a re-conditioned unit. The too-short screw - despite having the required diameter and thread pitch - did not seal, even when "fully closed". "

That has been a problem for me, too. Very few 240s, or 940s for that matter, still roll around the rust belt with their original brake calipers. The re-manufacturers use varying methods of restoring the bleeder valve function, especially when the cores they get have them snapped off. I've seen the valve seats ground with obviously chattering tools, and the threads re-cut way too much to hold the bleeder screws they install.

The competition is strong and the profit margin thin for re-conditioned brake calipers from the 90's.

If the calipers are still original and serviceable, it makes sense to replace the screw with a part from Volvo. This probably happens on the West Coast.
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New brake bleeder valve [900]
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