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flickering red arrow on lower right hand side of instrument panel 200 1989

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for buffing all of us up!
Kindness will get you everywhere or at least down the road!

Just looking over your car from afar!

Glad to hear that you got the engine going!
Hopefully, you have learned a little along the way.
Can I say ...? I don't think you used some of the techniques of the voltmeter enough to show you its full capabilities.
There are good things about using that jumper cable to bypass the problem as it to shows that good ole' common sense is still a live and well too!
But there might be one lurking in the shadows!

I think the up arrow is controlled by the ECU. It watches the RPM's of the engine a lot.
You might still have some electrical issues going on in the way of low voltage, in the system to cause the flickering. 12.65V to or as high as 14.2V with the engine running is needed to keep all things happy.
That's a lot of voltage difference for happiness and your car was down another whole volt. At 12.34V across the battery a battery is nearly dead. Tenths of a volt does matter on high current draws.

I believe you could be having some grounding problems.
The jumper cable with where where you had it, to start the car, will NOT resolve anything but the positive half side of that starter system.
There are two separate positive circuits and this one was only to the power to the motor, not the whole cars system.
The engine block is rubber mounted with that big current drawing apparatus hanging on its side!
The ground cable is the other half, all by itself and sometimes you can swear, it might be bigger when you have corrosion issues.
Did you verify the body grounds?

When the voltages get even lower around 5 volts because computer components draw nearly nothing. The communication wiring is consequently downsized that translates into fragile in the big world.

I think others have explained the arrow in that the ECU, thinks the overdrive switch is locking out the overdrive and it is advising you to shift up.
It was said, the problem might be with the shifter mechanism area or the switches wiring.
The flickering can be construed as half bright or half dim, just like with the solenoid, not getting enough power.
Flipping a switch or the ECU rapidly doing the same thing can look like a damaged wire and Wiggling does the same. Damaged is a subjectively loose term, to how bad is it, yet!

A resistance to current flow causes a voltage drop and therefore, the conditions above.
The loss shows up as a lot "smaller" than supply voltage number because it "sees in effect" one side and then another side of the voltage being applied.
Just like seeing a batteries voltage because the circuit is "working" (Corrosion) on becoming opened up. The voltmeter becomes across the potential as I said before.

Since we cannot see electricity, the Voltmeter can be the next best tool in locating an area. The next tool are your eyes, of course!

So learn to use a voltmeter please!
As we all are into having bad eyesight, forward or maybe less backwards, if we learn, but with this stuff glasses help a lot! Just got to get either one fitted on correctly!



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