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1990 240 Oil in throttle body. 200 1990

"It was a LOT of oil. "

You've been around these cars, so I take it you're saying it was more than you've seen before. I've seen it collect in the AMM hose and make the outlet of the AMM wet, too. Can only suggest you clean it up thoroughly and check it again in a month, or a week, or whatever your sense of this indicates.

I've been a Volvo fan for only 20 years now, but one reason I'm delighted by these engines is I don't have to tear them apart even with 300K on them. Yes, I'm lucky to have mostly well-cared-for 2-owner cars, but every kind of American or Japanese car I owned before Volvos eventually burned oil, embarrassing blue-exhaust oil burning, long before making 200K or even 120K in some cases.

I did a re-ring on an 8-year-old Chevy Nova when I was young and dumb, rusting through the floor pan and fender at 65K miles. These Volvos are great, in that respect. I've never even heard a complaint about oil out the exhaust. Just oil vapor in the throttle body. If it ever gets untenable I'll look into a catch can.

Saw your note about OBD not working. Best approach on this forum is to start a thread with a specific topic, once you've found an issue you're sure has an accurate description. Say which ECU/ICU isn't reporting codes and how.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

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New 1990 240 Oil in throttle body. [200][1990]
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