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Rebuilt starter and solenoid but still no start 200 1989

Phil, before I read this message I went ahead and used jumper cables to connect directly from the battery to the solenoid. The car started but would not run steadily without fidgeting with the gas pedal. I was unable to determine whether the car would continue running if I removed the jumper cables. Also, the engine light came on and an upward pointed BRIGHT red ARROW appeared on the right hand side of the instrument cluster. The car continued to start with the jumper setup but went back to the solenoid click when the jumper was removed. So, next step is to try to diagnose the cable wiring according to your instructions. When the car started, I had hoped to move it to my backyard where I can continue working on it. Very grateful for your help. Denis, Tucson AZ


New Rebuilt starter and solenoid but still no start [200][1989]
posted by  denisv  on Tue May 21 11:33 CST 2019 >

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