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240 EGR Leave alone or remove 200 1989

my 92 245 is a 50-state car with the egr and close to 190k miles. i've had no problems, but not saying it may not occur.

generally, we do not have rust issues as northern cars do, and i have no rust issues with any of the egr parts. i do have a new volvo egr pump on the shelf along with other egr parts.

my experience is different from your statement, "EGR is a feeble attempt to reduce NOx in exhaust."

i never had nox issues and always passed inspection, always. led to my thinking i wished my other 2 volvos had egr's too, but i always fixed the nox problems, anyway.

you may have a way to work around to remove the egr, but i don't like changing something that i don't have to, such as this piece of equipment. upgrading is one thing, but modifying engine emissions, etc is another. i want to avoid introducing problems.

byron golden
86 245
92 245
94 940


New 240 EGR Leave alone or remove [200][1989]
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