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Rebuilt starter and solenoid but still no start 200 1989

Thanks to those who offered advice on bypassing a neutral switch, which I thought was the problem of a no start on my 89 240. I ended up installing a rebuilt starter and new solenoid. After doing so, I now get a click from the solenoid when I turn the key but no action from the starter. The NSS allows the "click" in the neutral and park positions so it seems that was not the problem after all. I tried to jump the wires off the solenoid to the starter with the ignition key on but I do not even get a click. Did I err in not having the rebuilt starter tested before installing or is there some other issue in the ignition system preventing the starter from getting power through the solenoid? Advice?


New Rebuilt starter and solenoid but still no start [200][1989]
posted by  denisv  on Tue May 21 11:33 CST 2019 >

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