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Replacing The Ignition Switch Cylinder 1993 240 5 Speed 200

the ignition cylinder looks more daunting than it really is.

if you have back or neck flexibility problems get someone else to do it for you.

i have done this job with the front seat out and in place. with experience i now leave it in place.

1 disconnect the neg battery cable
2. remove the cluster on the dashboard
3 find a thick piece of carpet or something to lay on the floor and cushion your back.
4. find a strong hand held non hot light source you can move around
5. you will want to use a large blade screwdriver to lift up somewhat and out of the way as much as you can the thick harness which lays on top and obscures the cylinder (the clock spring air bag wire is within this harness and it may pull on the connector at the clock spring so once done push inward the orange wire that connects into the clockspring..just a precaution)
6. the job is much easier to do from under the dashboard looking up towards the cylinder NOT from the inside the opening where the cluster was.
7. remove connector to cylinder, a large hard plastic round connector with umpteen slots.. just like the bulb failure sensor connector
8. find a small flat blade screw driver and with a good illumination proceed to unscrew both screws. they are not torqued much if at all they don't need to be

install is reverse. install can be annoying as the small screws may drop down until you one started. the second one is easier.

i would not bother repairing a bad one. buy a new one aftermarket or volvo. your call. big difference in price


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