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No Start Problem - No Fuel Supply 200 1983

Hello and thanks for any tips/suggestions.

My 1983 242 with LH2 and manual tranny will not start normally. After sitting for a while I can crank it and it catches and runs for a few seconds before sputtering out.

I have tested at the fuse box and can hear both main and in-tank pumps run. This is good as both are pretty new. If I jump power to the main pump I can start the car and it runs as expected. But after disconnecting I go back to a few seconds running before dying. I immediately suspected relays.

I have removed both 5-pin relays which seem to be original equipment: black, Bosch, marked 0-332-204-172 and 20/30A 12V. I have tested them both following the procedure outline in this YouTube video www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=IpRWcNoLdwQ and I expected at least one would fail. But all of the tests shown seem to pass on both relays. Testing the connection between terminals 30 and 87 when the switch is engaged does light my test lamp (not very bright - but could be due to not a great connection, low battery voltage, or poor quality test lamp I guess).

So I am thinking that the easy relay fix may not do the trick. They are not expensive and I can get two and try them out. But that may only be throwing money away and wasting time while the true issue remains un-diagnosed.

But I am not quite sure where to go next. Any ideas? Thanks!


New No Start Problem - No Fuel Supply [200][1983]
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