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Back after a long while - bought a gritty Regina 740 700 1990

Hello, everyone! I haven't been on here in a long while. Between health problems and wrecking my 740 turbo sedan, I've been driving a toaster and busy with life in general.

I bought a 1990 NA 740 with Regina engine management, and I am pretty new to the system. I bought it from my friend's widow after he died suddenly last year, but haven't picked it up yet. I've gone over and looked at some things to make sure it will make the trip to my house.

He had issues with it stalling while driving, and it does not start easily. He replaced the single in-tank fuel pump with a cheap one off ebay. I have another better (Walker or Delphi, I think) one to replace it, and hope that helps. On my advice, he tried adding in a Bosch fuel pump in addition to the in-tank pump. It didn't make any difference in his stalling problems.

Opening the throttle makes the car bog, then recover. It does currently have a broken off nipple on the flame trap, but it's sort of capped off on both ends.

The MAP sensor had a clear vinyl tube running from the smallest nipple on the intake to the sensor. I believe it's supposed to go to the larger of the 2 vacuum nipples.
The idle was about 1200 before adjustment, and is now around 1000-1050, which is way higher than seems right. Even so, I am not finding any vacuum leaks or reasons it should be so high. Maybe there is a

-Is there a good "welcome to Regina" page? I know LH2.4 like the back of my hand, but not so much Regina.

-Does the MAP sensor need a special type of tubing? I have 1/4" fuel injection line on it now. I made sure to clean out the vacuum nipple into the manifold.

-Is there a common trend of a hard transition from on-idle to off-idle? The TPS and throttle body had been fiddled with quite a bit, but I think I have it almost right now. It's hard to tell if it's 100% closed without removing it, which I will do once it's at home. The switch is adjusted so it clicks just as it hits the stop, but I don't trust it until it's off the car.

-I bought a used IAC motor for the car. Is this a common failure?

-Is there anything special about the Regina system I should know? Any pitfalls or waterfalls I shouldn't chase?


I can't wait to be back to a RWD volvo again.

Happy bricking


New Back after a long while - bought a gritty Regina 740 [700][1990]
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